Read It Again

Read It Again-PreK!

A practitioner-friendly, scientifically based curricular supplement designed to develop and strengthen young children’s early foundations in language and literacy. Lessons are organized around adult-child readings of high-quality storybooks meant to supplement – not replace – an educator’s instruction. The curriculum was developed through a two-year collaborative effort in which Crane Center researchers worked closely with early childhood educators, state-level policymakers, and speech-language pathologists. It is widely used in early childhood programs in the United States and internationally.

It includes two lessons per week, approximately 20-30 minutes which can be implemented using whole-class, small-group, or one-on-one instruction. Findings show that children in classrooms using Read It Again-PreK! outperformed children in comparison classrooms in grammar, vocabulary, print knowledge and rhyming skills. Read It Again-PreK! is available for download, free of charge, using the links below.

English Version

The 12 workbook sessions and video segments are designed to help educators learn how to implement Read It Again-PreK! more effectively.

Spanish Version

Danish Version
French Version

Read It Again – FoundationQ! (Australian Curriculum – Foundation Year)

Read It Again – FoundationQ! is an authorized version of Read It Again – Pre-K!, copyrighted to Laura Justice and Anita McGinty (authors of Read It Again – Pre-K). Read It Again – FoundationQ! has been written to support the Australian Curriculum and targets students in their foundation year of formal schooling.

Read It Again – KindergartenQ!

Read it Again- KindergartenQ! is an authorized version of Read It Again – PreK!, copyrighted to Laura Justice and Anita McGinty (authors of Read It Again – Pre-K). Read It Again – KindergartenQ! has been developed for use in Australian Pre-foundation year programs as a supplemental resource for educators to foster children’s language and literacy development.

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Copyright Notice © 2009, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Read it Again is copyrighted in its entirety. All right reserved. School administrators and general and special education professionals may make photocopies of the manual for use with their students. No modification, transmission, republication, commercial, or noncommercial distribution of the manual is permitted without written permission from Laura Justice.

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Read It Again—Mobile: Technology-Supported Language & Literacy Intervention for Preschoolers At-Risk

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming mobile version of RIA (RIA-Mobile), which maintains all the core ingredients of RIA and uses state-of-the-art technology to boost usability and effectiveness. Newly designed technology-mediated features of RIA-Mobile include:

  • Embedded progress-monitoring tools to monitor children’s language and literacy growth with data visualization,
  • Embedded videos to model implementation of lessons and scaffolding strategies,
  • Algorithm-guided scaffolding strategies that help to guide differentiated instruction for individual pupils, and
  • Dynamic reporting features for administrators, teachers, and parents

Take a look at some of these innovative features! Contact Logan Pelfrey at if you are interested in a trial version or piloting this tool.

Reading in Special Education (RISE)

RISE examines the effects of the Read It Again! Pre-K curriculum in a randomized controlled trial in Ohio and Pennsylvania preschool classrooms serving children with disabilities. RISE seeks to learn how children’s experiences with storybooks in the classroom and at home contribute to their development in language and literacy during the preschool years.