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The Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy is a multidisciplinary research center dedicated to conducting high-quality research that improves children’s learning and development at home, in school and in the community.

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Our work ranges from multi-year, federally funded projects that examine outcomes of thousands of children and families, to program evaluation work in our state, to smaller scale analyses and briefs meant to inform policy makers and practitioners.

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Policy Round-Up: How will the Biden-Harris Administration prioritize children and families?
This week’s update includes a look at how the Biden-Harris Administration will prioritize children and families, how COVID vaccination eligibility and distribution is falling along lines of race and income, and a new study that found young adolescents may be the most vulnerable to the impacts of toxic stress. 
Policy Round-Up: How the "care economy" might impact elections
This week update includes ways to talk to children about traumatic news events, the effects of the pandemic on children’s mental health, and Ohio schools slated to receive an additional $2 billion in emergency federal funding.
Policy-Round-Up: Special edition: A look ahead at childhood-related policy hopes for 2021
This week’s update includes a look ahead to the four things we’ll be paying attention to in 2021: whether we can overcome (or at least move the needle on) “scarcity thinking”, changes to schooling delivery and learning priorities, the role of stress, and race and racism.
2020 Impact Report
The immense ways in which 2020 has challenged and tested us also served as a reckoning, of sorts, in understanding the critical role of education and the essential work of educators. With much work to be done as we rebuild from the fallout of the pandemic and national spotlight of racial injustice, 2020 also showed ...