Policy Round-Up: Major federal shifts in child policy

This week’s update includes major federal shifts in child and family policy, how home-based providers in particular have been devastated by the pandemic, and an article suggesting that the pandemic deserves credit for raising awareness of early childhood’s importance. Read More

OSU’s Early Head Start Partnership Program awarded $10 million expansion grant to serve more central Ohio children and families

The OSU Early Head Start Partnership Program was awarded an additional $10 million from a federal expansion grant, which allows them to build upon and expand vital services supporting the health, learning, and well-being of young children and families in central Ohio. Read on to learn how this will impact even more families in our community. Read More

Policy Round-Up: Ohio’s poor health rankings in part due to childhood adversity and inequity

This week’s update includes a new report estimating a universal child care system in the U.S. would boost the collective lifetime earnings of 1.3 million women by $130 billion, why the Health Policy Institute of Ohio ranks the state 47th out of 50 states and D.C. on its “health value”, and new Crane Center research on “Media Use Among Kindergarteners from Low-Income Households During the COVID-19 Shutdown.” Read More

Policy Round-Up: Researchers estimate nearly 40,000 U.S. children bereaving parental loss due to COVID-19

This week’s update includes Ohio State House Reps. Stephanie Howse and Erica Crawley penned an opinion piece which advocates for the Ohio House to pass legislation declaring racism as a public health crisis, an opinion piece co-authored by Senator Elizabeth Warren urging Congress to pass caregiving legislation, and study published in JAMA Pediatrics attempts to quantify just how many children have experienced COVID-19 loss through the death of a parent. Read More