Policy Round-Up: Federal education spending proposals ask for historic increases

This week’s update includes national data which found the enrolled pre-K population dropped by 22% in the 20-21 school year, federal education spending proposals ask for historic increases, and CDC findings on disparities in access to K-12 student learning modes further confirms the stark racial discrepancies experienced over the past year and a half. Read More

Policy Round-Up: New tool estimates how quality impacts cost of child care

This week’s update includes a new tool that estimates the cost of quality child care by state, a new initiative will provide funding to replace aging lead pipes throughout child cares in Cleveland, and an opinion piece describing how unsustainably low wages lead to a high rate of early childhood teacher turnover. Read More

Policy Round-Up: Ohio bill would make child care an eligible political campaign expense

This week’s update includes 36 million families may qualify for monthly payments under the expanded federal Child Tax Credit, a new Columbus City Council resolution acknowledging racial inequities in the City of Columbus and systemic racism that adversely impacts residents of color, and an Ohio bill would make child care an eligible political campaign expense.  Read More

Policy Round-Up: What counts as “evidence” in education?

This week’s update includes an estimated 560,000 child care workers would receive a pay increase if the federal minimum wage increased from $7.25 to $15 per hour, Ohio lawmakers have entered the final stages of deliberation on the state’s budget bill and will discuss in conference committee, and an article offering advice on what constitutes “evidence-based” in the world of education.  Read More

Policy Round-Up: Ohio’s Step Up To Quality program at risk under current Senate proposal

This week’s update includes Ohio's Step Up To Quality program is at risk under current Senate proposal, a new analysis commissioned by Groundwork Ohio found increasing eligibility for publicly funded child care from 130% of the Federal Poverty Level to 150% in Ohio would generate a 10% return on public investment, and New America lays out a strong case for paying child care providers based on children’s enrollment, not attendance. Read More

Policy Round-Up: Hero pay for Ohio child care workers

This week’s update includes Ohio child care workers are now eligible for backdated and future hero pay, a new brief from The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University explaining the impact of racism on young children, and research on family stress throughout the pandemic demonstrating the disproportionate burdens facing families whose children have special needs, as well as Black families. Read More

Policy Round-Up: 1 in 3 U.S. moms struggle to afford diapers

This week’s update includes: one in three mothers in the U.S. are struggling to afford diapers, new legislation in Ohio will expand broadband internet service by funding a grant program for service providers to build more infrastructure, and a new study which surveyed principals across the U.S. to try to measure racial discrimination in schools. Read More