Kindergarten Transition

The Kindergarten Transition: Creating a New Model

A research brief sharing our new model to support children's kindergarten transition.

Kindergarten Transitions: Examples from the A. Sophie Rogers School for Early Learning

Children doing math on a chalk board with adult present.
This brief highlights A. Sophie Roger's kindergarten transition practices that ensure a successful transition for children, following Dr. Robert Pianta’s and Dr. Sara Rimm-Kaufmann's framework.

Early Childhood Learning and Children’s Literacy Skills in Kindergarten and Third Grade

This brief from Crane Center researchers, Early Childhood Learning and Children's Literacy Skills in Kindergarten and Third Grade, aimed to determine whether preschool assessments can predict how children will do on the KRA-L and Third-Grade Reading Guarantee.

Kindergarten-Bound: Tips for supporting your child during this important transition

Young boy holds his father's hand near yellow school bus on background. Kindergarten transition.
Help your child get ready for their transition to kindergarten with these quick tips from our experts that explain the process and offer resources to guide you.

Big Little Leap: The role of transition difficulties in children’s skill development during kindergarten

Research brief examining the role of transition difficulties in children's skill development during kindergarten.

Transition to Kindergarten

Transition to Kindergarten
Support young children during their transition to kindergarten through these resources for researchers, parents, and providers.

Shared Story Book Reading: Resources and Evidence

Core Knowledge in Preschool Project (CKP)

CKP Project focuses on the efficacy of the Core Knowledge in Preschool Program in promoting the math and science education of children who are at risk of socioeconomic disadvantage.

Franklin County Early Care and Education Landscape Study

The Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy is partnering with the City of Columbus and Future Ready Columbus to conduct a study on the Early Care and Education Landscape in Franklin County (“Landscape Study”). The Landscape Study aims to identify salient early care and education experiences for children under the age of five in Franklin County. This includes participation in formal and informal care arrangements, caregiver beliefs and practices, and home learning activities and experience. The study also hopes to identify barriers and enablers to early care and education for families in the Columbus area.

Let’s Know!2

This five-year, NIH-funded project will examine the effect of a specific reading comprehension intervention aimed at helping elementary school students.