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School attendance matters: Research insights for K-12 schools and their staff

Help students increase their attendance at school with these quick tips from our experts that are based on research evidence and offer resources to guide you.

School attendance matters: Parent resource

Learn how to help keep your child's absences from school to a minimum (and help their learning progress) with these quick tips from our experts that are based in research.

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT: “We’re More than a Daycare”

Research study co-authored by Crane Center Faculty Affiliate, Dr. Shayne Piasta, investigated the labels used to describe early childcare professionals by those in the field.

Core Knowledge in Preschool Project (CKP)

CKP Project focuses on the efficacy of the Core Knowledge in Preschool Program in promoting the math and science education of children who are at risk of socioeconomic disadvantage.

“Don’t Look Away” book study with Schoenbaum Family Center

A survey taken by early-childhood professionals demonstrated that educators, on average, are moderately racially conscious, meaning they understand that children of color experience racism. The "Don't Look Away" book study sought to address issues of bias and increase awareness around anti-bias practices within the classroom. This white paper research shows an increase in posttest data from the baseline after participants completed the study.

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT: Perceptions of early childhood teachers’ literacy instruction – differences between observers and the teachers themselves

New research shows that observations of early childhood classrooms, often required by state regulatory systems, show differences between a teacher's perceptions of their own literacy instruction and what is seen by observers. Read on to learn more about the findings and possible action steps.

Striving Readers

Crane and Schoenbaum Centers, in partnership with Greene County Educational Service Center and Madison-Champaign Educational Service Center received a Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Grant to form the Ohio State Research Foundation Consortium which aimed to improve literacy outcomes for Ohio children birth to age five.

Rebuilding the Early Child Care and Education System

Our country’s early care and education system was fractured and in crisis, even before COVID-19. The abrupt closure of many child care centers, new requirements upon opening, and challenges facing families make it even more pressing that our “rebuilding” efforts work toward a more sustainable and equitable child care system.