Absenteeism in Elementary School Has Wide-Ranging Consequences, Especially for Minoritized Children

Dr. Ansari wrote a research brief which breaks down the full body of research on the topic of absenteeism in a short digestible format.

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT: Long-term consequences of school absenteeism by Dr. Arya Ansari

There are many misconceptions about school absenteeism. This new study from the Crane Center shows that early absences do matter, and in ways we may not have considered. Read here for a summary of the findings and for a link to the full published research.

Ohio Families Struggle during COVID-19 Pandemic

Recognizing the potential growing crisis for Ohio families from the coronavirus pandemic, our researchers designed a rapid-response study of family conditions during COVID-19. This white paper shares their preliminary findings offer valuable information about the social, economic, and psychosocial impacts.

Successful Circle Times with Young Children

Although challenging behaviors can occur during any circle time activity, they are most likely to occur during activities that offer little opportunity for children to actively participate. It is important that teachers plan ahead for circle time to engage children and reduce challenging behaviors.