“Don’t Look Away” book study with Schoenbaum Family Center

A survey taken by early-childhood professionals demonstrated that educators, on average, are moderately racially conscious, meaning they understand that children of color experience racism. The "Don't Look Away" book study sought to address issues of bias and increase awareness around anti-bias practices within the classroom. This white paper research shows an increase in posttest data from the baseline after participants completed the study.

Ohio Families Struggle during COVID-19 Pandemic

Recognizing the potential growing crisis for Ohio families from the coronavirus pandemic, our researchers designed a rapid-response study of family conditions during COVID-19. This white paper shares their preliminary findings offer valuable information about the social, economic, and psychosocial impacts.

Cultivating Young Children’s Self-Esteem

Self-esteem develops from a young age through experiences that help children feel capable, confident, accepted, and willing to try new things. In order to foster high self-esteem, caregivers can model certain behaviors, praise efforts rather than outcomes, and offer appropriate and achievable challenges.