Longitudinal Peer Social Networks and Early Language Development (LYLE)


Longitudinal Peer Social Networks and Early Language Development: Transforming Understanding of Critical Features of Young Children’s Classroom Experiences. LYLE is a multi-year study that seeks to understand how preschool classroom social networks evolve over time. LYLE involves three teams at The Ohio State University, University of Kansas, and University of Miami. The study uses state of the art sensing technologies which are embedded systems comprised of both hardware and software used to collect continuous proximity and language data on all children in the classroom throughout their day. These allow us to gain a more accurate and holistic picture of children’s experiences, to examine how children’s experiences in their classroom social network evolve over the course of a school year, and how these experiences drive their development in important domains such as language and social-emotional. LYLE is the first study of its kind to examine these trends on such a large scale and across multiple preschool contexts.

 – Funding –

LYLE is funded by The Spencer Foundation.

 – Timeline –

LYLE received an award from June 2021 to May 2023.

 – Partners –

LYLE partners with University of Miami and Kansas University.

Meet the Team

Laura Justice, PhD


Tzu-Jung Lin


Daniel Messinger


Batya Elbaum


Hui Jang


Hugo Gonzalez Villasanti


Dwight Irvin


Lynn Perry


Tiffany Foster

Research Scientist

Rebecca Hacker

Research Scientist

Logan Pelfrey

Project Director

Kaitlyn Bregman

Field Staff

Fatemah Shehab

Research Assistant

Justice Stoll

Research Assistant