Kindergarten Transitions: Examples from the A. Sophie Rogers School for Early Learning

Children doing math on a chalk board with adult present.
This brief highlights A. Sophie Roger's kindergarten transition practices that ensure a successful transition for children, following Dr. Robert Pianta’s and Dr. Sara Rimm-Kaufmann's framework.

School attendance matters: Research insights for K-12 schools and their staff

Help students increase their attendance at school with these quick tips from our experts that are based on research evidence and offer resources to guide you.

School attendance matters: Parent resource

Learn how to help keep your child's absences from school to a minimum (and help their learning progress) with these quick tips from our experts that are based in research.

Absenteeism in Elementary School Has Wide-Ranging Consequences, Especially for Minoritized Children

Dr. Ansari wrote a research brief which breaks down the full body of research on the topic of absenteeism in a short digestible format.

Big Little Leap: The role of transition difficulties in children’s skill development during kindergarten

Research brief examining the role of transition difficulties in children's skill development during kindergarten.

Transition to Kindergarten

Transition to Kindergarten
Support young children during their transition to kindergarten through these resources for researchers, parents, and providers.

Kids in Columbus Study (KICS)

Kids in Columbus Study (KICS) investigates how families with young children, specifically those living in low-income households, access and use community resources that are funded each year by the city of Columbus.

Franklin County Early Care and Education Landscape Study

The Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy is partnering with the City of Columbus and Future Ready Columbus to conduct a study on the Early Care and Education Landscape in Franklin County (“Landscape Study”). The Landscape Study aims to identify salient early care and education experiences for children under the age of five in Franklin County. This includes participation in formal and informal care arrangements, caregiver beliefs and practices, and home learning activities and experience. The study also hopes to identify barriers and enablers to early care and education for families in the Columbus area.

It’s a struggle: Transitioning children into kindergarten

A recent questionnaire surveying kindergarten teachers found that a majority (72%) said children had difficulty in the transition to kindergarten, with boys and children with IEPs more likely to have difficulty. This white paper shares research about children's kindergarten transitions and key recommendations for policymakers, researchers and practitioners.

ProPELL: Promoting Preschoolers’ Early Language Learning

The Crane Center's Promoting Preschoolers’ Early Language Learning (ProPELL) project is an IES-funded project designed to investigate preschoolers’ early language learning. This project is done in partnership with colleagues from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.