Listening to Head Start teachers working with dual language learners in multilingual classrooms

Classroom with three care givers, each with a child. The people are surrounded by toys, instruments, and letters.
This brief examines the support and needs for teachers of dual-language learners. The brief also makes recommendations for early childhood teachers and administrators.

Expanding access to pre-primary education around the world

The Riveting Research blog series is a succinct summary of a new study with compelling design and implications. This week's blog examines Ethiopia's approach to rapidly expanding access to universal early education.

Focus on Learning, Interaction, and Play (FLIP) at Recess

Kids in Columbus Study (KICS)

Kids in Columbus Study (KICS) investigates how families with young children, specifically those living in low-income households, access and use community resources that are funded each year by the city of Columbus.

“Don’t Look Away” book study with Schoenbaum Family Center

A survey taken by early-childhood professionals demonstrated that educators, on average, are moderately racially conscious, meaning they understand that children of color experience racism. The "Don't Look Away" book study sought to address issues of bias and increase awareness around anti-bias practices within the classroom. This white paper research shows an increase in posttest data from the baseline after participants completed the study.

PEACh: Preschoolers’ Experiences and Activities in Childcare

The Preschoolers’ Experiences and Activities in Childcare project (PEACh) examines how preschool classrooms shape children's experiences and social development.

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT: Closing the research-to-practice gap in early childhood special education classrooms

This Crane study examines the persisting research-to-practice gap for teachers in early childhood special education classrooms, specifically for children with autism spectrum disorder. Read more about the study’s findings and ideas on how to close this gap.

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT: Using head-mounted cameras to understand preschoolers’ classroom conflict

This Crane study used head-mounted cameras to examine preschool peer conflicts, as well as how and when teachers intervene. Read more about the study’s findings and what it could mean for teacher approaches to interventions.

Steps to Sustainability: Fundamental Reforms to Our Systems of Child Care and Early-Learning Programs

Our Broken Child Care System and How to Fix It, Part 3: The final segment of this series examines how the many systems that make up U.S. child care are failing. Fixes that are both sweeping enough and realistic aren’t obvious, so Dr. Laura Justice turns to three experts to weigh in.

Rebuilding the Early Child Care and Education System

Our country’s early care and education system was fractured and in crisis, even before COVID-19. The abrupt closure of many child care centers, new requirements upon opening, and challenges facing families make it even more pressing that our “rebuilding” efforts work toward a more sustainable and equitable child care system.